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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The question on everyones lips this past week is: who was that guy in the pictures with Dustin Lance Black??

Jeff Delancy is the other person with DLB.  Some say he does webcam sessions of himself.  GayPornBlog identified him as "Cameron" and he had a jerk-off cam site called, the site is offline and not available.

And Delancey has an affection for well-monied gents-- who doesn't??

He may or may not have been involved in a group that tried to save Laguna Beach's Boom Boom Room from shuttering permanently. 

GayPornBlog tried to talk to Jeff/Cameron but to no avail.  The site claims:   Delancey is NOT the one that sold the sex tape to Starzlife and Delancey was so freaked out over the ordeal, he shut his site down and left the country for a week, a close source proclaimed. 

If Delancey didn't do it, why take all those extreme steps??

So to us,  all this translates to is a manipulator.

Why can't DLB just find a nice mensch to settle down!!  Well ya reap what ya sow.......

I'm available for some DUSTING, interpret that however you like!!!

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