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Saturday, July 22, 2017


In movie or stage contracts, this hag has stipulations that no one (the crew or anyone deemed insufficient or beneath said hag)  can directly address (talk to) or look into its eyes.   And who would want to?  Are you that full of yourself that you think that you are that important??   It's not like you found a cure for AIDS or made a heart valve replacement or kissing diseased children in the rainforest.  CUNT.

And don't use the name:   Babs.

With that said....

We look into the eyes of Babs and let U know that this bitch has some crappo book on design or something perpetrating as such.  Look at that cheesy color AND  dressing to match the couch. Really?   That would be a cover on what NOT to do.  We're sure the booklet goes downhill from just this observation.  ICK.

If we had our man, Luke Guldan, over for some night action-- we would be embarrassed if the place looked like anything you're trying to pass off.  It's so old yenta, chintz and velvet. pleaz!!  

Like we would want our abode to look like anything this  megalomaniac monstrosity  suggests.

The only thing we want from you is your husband's hot son's (Josh Brolin, hello) digits!!

We realize this thing is many a gay icon, a deity to some of you, but that is your problem, not ours.

Judy, Liza and Babs-- please.... let it go already.  It's so swishy queen with feather boa and leather mustache daddy with biker hat.... leftover from Studio 54 and the 70s.

Get a new icon.... may we suggest Cher or Tina or even Belinda-- you can look in their eyes AND they aren't trying to shake you down for more money by offering classless decorating tips.
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