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Thursday, June 30, 2011


The Big Gay Sketch Show parodies RuPaul's Drag Race:


Did you make a guess on the prime piece of Hollywood ass??

It's Jared Leto.

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The mistake that straight people made was imposing the monogamous expectation on men. Men were never expected to be monogamous. Men had concubines, mistresses and access to prostitutes, until everybody decided marriage had to be egalitar ian and fairsey. [Rather than granting women] the same latitude and license and pressure-release valve that men had always enjoyed, we extended to men the confines women had always endured. And it’s been a disaster for marriage."

--Our militant gay advocate (which we LOVE!!!) Dan Savage (whom we LOVE!!!!!) opines on the virtues of infidelity for a New York TImes Magazine article.


Barely a few weeks into his mayorship in Chicago and Rahm Emanuel is singing a tune that we all like and can get behind.

The former White House Chief-Of-Staff would like to see a marriage equality act in place in Illinois.

"I would hope that the state would move in that direction," Emanuel said in the interview that aired Wednesday. "Tremendous progress has been made across the country on a value statement and I think that's very important." Emanuel declined to comment on Obama's stance on the issue, but noted that the president has signed into law legislation that recognizes hate crimes based on sexual orientation and a repeal of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy that prevented gay men and lesbians from serving openly in the military.



This is some prime Hollywood piece of ass that we all wouldn't mind taking a chunk from.

Notice, we have first dibs with our name right where that prime hole would be! Like it, put a name on it. Ehhhhh

Can you guess who?

We'll post the answer later in the day.



Hello, little friend!

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt


President Obama, yesterday, told Congress to get their job done. Quit lolly gagging and work.

MSNBC talks about the address on Morning Joe.

Mark Halperin, a pundit, called President Obama "a dick."



Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy



Nole Cakes practices some with Ricky (in black).

Both are perfecting their forward moves!!! ;)

Novak Djokovic; Richard Gasquet


POST: 1; NYT: 5+; OBAMA: 0

The New York Times isn't the only paper slamming the President and his same-sex marriage views.

The Washington Post puts the Prez on blast too. OH SNAP, WORK!!:

With a presidential campaign that promises to be closer and more contentious than the one that got him elected four years ago, Mr. Obama and his team might be reluctant to embrace a controversial social issue when the economy and jobs are of paramount importance to voters. At some point, though, doing the right thing must trump politics. If Mr. Obama does come out in favor of gay marriage, his base would surely rally around him.

And all supporters of gay rights should be girding themselves for battle with those who would use the president’s position to deny him a second term. The first question at the news conference was about Republican recalcitrance on tax increases. “Hopefully leaders at a certain point rise to the occasion and do the right thing for the American people,” Mr. Obama said. Later, he would say, “If you know you have to do something, you just do it.” The same words apply to him on marriage equality. So just do it already.


We've posted on Matt Gutman before. He is that super HOT ABC reporter that filed numerous reports during that disastrous BP oil spill.

Still don't know who we are chirpin' about?? Just watch this video. Gutman's cute mug and buffed chest will surely put him in your memory bank!!


The New York Times profiles Brian Ellner.

The HRC hired him to make sure the same-sex marriage bill passed in Albany.

THIS fall, Mr. Ellner helped raise money to target vulnerable candidates who had voted against the same-sex marriage bill in 2009. He quietly met with Republicans, seeking to change a few votes.

But Mr. Ellner also wanted to drum up popular momentum for the bill, to frame it as a moderate issue. So he called his friend from Dartmouth, Annie Sundberg, a filmmaker who co-directed “Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work,” to make the videos, which rolled out on a steady basis: Whoopi Goldberg, Mayor Bloomberg, Anna Wintour, Russell Simmons.


The FBI enlisted that gross bigoted westboro baptist church as examples to help train its agents to determine degrees of hate; how to build a relationship with people that may enrage the agents and enable them to work through that:

The FBI said Wednesday that members of an anti-gay fundamentalist group participated in the bureau's training of police officers and FBI agents — a move the bureau says it will take steps to remedy in the future. The bureau extended the invitations to Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan., for training this spring at two bureau facilities in Virginia: Quantico and Manassas. Westboro has stirred widespread outrage with raucous demonstrations at the funerals of U.S. military service members. The group contends God is punishing the military for the nation's tolerance of homosexuality. National Public Radio first reported the FBI's involvement with Westboro. At FBI headquarters in Washington, bureau spokesman Paul Bresson acknowledged that Westboro was invited to the training sessions.


Topics touched on: The Book of Mormon and that gross, ignorant tony perkins:

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


How about a nice little gander at tennis studs and their dickage??


We know some of you randy lads like apres workout sex.

Workout sweat + sex = good times

Andy Murray


Roger Federer


Rafael Nadal


Andy Roddick


Nole! We're trying to do a post here. Lose the towel!!

We do love the up-the-leg shot though, yumm!

Novak Djokovic



Feliciano Lopez


Bear Grylls has that show Man vs. Wild.

Jake Gyllenhaal will be a guest on the new season for an episode about "surviving" in an Icelandic snow cave. Really, how much peril is there if a film crew is there?

Jake will follow Bears lead in dealing with the cold, the snow, and the harsh conditions of Iceland. Jake will go where Bear goes and eat whatever Bear eats.

Quips Grylls:

"A couple of weeks ago I took Jake Gyllenhaal, reportedly the fittest man in Hollywood, on a Born Survivor to Iceland. He said he wanted to to be pushed and afterwards said he'd never been pushed so hard.....We had crazy conditions - sleeping in snow caves, huge river crossings and these torrential storms. I was a little bit nervous as I promised Jake's management team I would keep him alive, but he was brilliant.....There's something magical about the raw emotion of fear and nerves. I think that's what people like about the show."

The show will air July 11th.


We wonder if Bear will show Jake how to hydrate via an enema?:


We're liking this one-sheet of Colin Farrell.

There is nothing like built biceps and a buffed chest poured into a tank top to get us all randy and amorous!!


We are losing count on all the articles The New York Times has published slamming the President and his position on marriage equality. Does this make 5+??

Kudos Gray Lady!!

NYT: 5

Obama: 0

Legal scholars say Mr. Obama is correct; regulating marriage is indeed the province of the states — to a point. Federal courts have at times intervened to declare state marriage laws unconstitutional, as was the case in Loving v. Virginia, the landmark 1967 Supreme Court case that effectively ended all race-based restrictions on marriage. Yet in the context of the New York debate, Mr. Obama’s comments infuriated some prominent advocates and potential donors. They include Chad Griffin, who sits on the finance committee for Mr. Obama’s re-election campaign and recently co-hosted a fund-raiser featuring Michelle Obama that raised more than $1 million, and Paul Yandura, a Democratic strategist who advises gay philanthropists, including some Obama donors. “That language is really a dog whistle for the right,” Mr. Yandura said. Mr. Griffin, who said he intended to continue to work to re-elect the president, called the comments “a step backwards,” and said Mr. Obama should use Wednesday’s reception to clarify them. The White House sees no need to clarify.


The gross scum that is ken mehlman/roy cohn needs to be called out every day, every minute for what he did to the LGBT community.

Activist Jon Winkleman puts the former rnc chair mehlman on blast, asking if he was the one that blocked numerous progressive LGBT causes.

And, mehlman's gross "friends" need to be bitch-slapped, acting so smug, self-entitled, self-righteous gathered around the pile of shit, like horseflies. Those queens trying to give Winkleman their bitchy, annoyed, put-out looks. So nauseating!!!

Winkleman describes the clip:

I ran into Bush's former RNC Chair Ken Mehlman who oversaw the anti-LGBT campaigns and ballot questions Bush used as wedge issues and to throw red meat to his base. Mehlman claims he came out after Bush left office, though it was widely known in DC that Mehlman was gay at the time. He knew what he was doing and that it was hurting other LGBT Americans. I know he helped with the efforts to pass marriage in NY but he still supports those who do us harm. Also his cynical anti-LGBT campaigns at the RNC fanned the flames of hate and violent hate crimes increased in the districts they focused. LGBT people were hurt...physically, because of Mehlman's actions. So of course I had to go over and say something.

via joemygod


Okay, we all know that Tina Brown has a crush/infatuation/obsession/heart on for Princess Diana-- all those Vanity Fairs and the biography-- but GET REAL.

Stop with the creepy, morbid mockups with the likeness of Diana posed in situations of today.

Brown didn't stop there. She even mocked up a fake Facebook page. Not cute, not engaging, not funny.

If anything have the respect for the feelings of the sons. They don't want to see what their mum would look like holding an iPhone--- such a blatant nod to materialism (which Brown is all about) and splash advertisement (is Apple a big advertiser with Newsweek/The Daily Beast??).

They put their mother to rest some time ago. They want to keep the loving images of her peaceful. These images can be disturbing and unsettling. Ms. Brown, stop with the disrespectfulness.

And, we can't imagine any person in the world that finds a curiosity in it either!

Keep these fantasies to yourself, Ms. Brown.


Those bigots at nom are ready to embark on a 4-year plan to overturn NY same-sex marriage.

Elect pro-marriage majorities next November that will approve a marriage amendment in both the Assembly and Senate during the 2013 legislative session.

Protect pro-marriage candidates in the 2014 elections, so that the amendment can receive final legislative approval in the 2015 legislative session.

Successfully pass the ballot measure when it goes before voters in November 2015.

Okay, New Yorkers, the challenge for you is to keep electing legislators that answer to the people of the state and not special-interest groups.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Chest imagine the sexual possibilities with this stud!!



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Chris Pine and Dane Cook in Runyon Canyon.

Who knew they were good friends??


The Slog scribe talks religion. And, it ain't True Religion! Ehhhhhhhh!

We've been asking this same question on our blog for years: When will CNN and MSNBC stop giving a platform to anti-gay bigots?

That is why we barely post on these homophobic, ignorant bitches thus not to give them another venue where they are heard!! With their incessant and inane prattling, they should be muzzled!


Shia LaBeouf covers August's DETAILS.


I would like to be George Clooney -- diplomatic.....I just don’t have the wherewithal yet or the inner serenity. My bullshit meter is tuned very sensitive. The minute it starts kicking up, I get back to truth, and sometimes that involves, you know, 'I don’t want to take a picture.' And if that’s the case, am I an asshole for being honest? Or am I an asshole for being dishonest, smiling in your picture and I fucking hate being there? Which one is worse? These are the questions I ask myself that George Clooney doesn't ask."


You are in a bullshit industry. You signed up for it! No one is forcing you to be a Hollywood actor!! Pictures, fans, paparazzi, autograph hounds. Either lump it or go be a plumber!!


Chelsea's Fernando Torres


Dan Cortese had that HOT MTV show about jocks (MTV Sports) back in the '90s.

We had the hottest of hots for this stud!! Especially his guest stint on Melrose Place, playing Jess Hanson (Grant Show's Jake's brother).

L@@K at the beauty NOW!!!

Older and even more gorgeous!!!

Those arms-- BAM!! Refreshing to see that he isn't all tatted up which can look real tacky, real fast.


Dan has a gig on some mindless show for ReelzChannel, where these shots are from.

Hat tip to Greg in Hollywood .


With the passage of New York's same-sex marriage, the gross, homophobic bigots let the verbal diarrhea continuously spew:

No caps for scums. We don't waste the time for waste of lifes!!

The problem with the Christian movement, with the Christians and pastors, is that they pray too much and act too little. Pastors and religious leaders are supposed to remember that we are supposed to be Christians before being Democrats or being Republicans. Our responsibility is with Jesus and not with Democratic Party or Republican Party. I made history. I'm the only New York State Democrat that voted against the bill. I will wear it as a badge of honor."

--gross NY Senator ruben diaz.

Did you see the buffoon on the Senate floor Friday night trying to argue down the same-sex marriage vote. He acted like a rambling, incoherent idiot!! He showed his true hatred for homos on Friday.


With regard to the illegal action of the New York state government, it is more important to understand clearly that the civil government has no authority in area of the free exercise of religion such as marriage. If it has no authority and tries to With exercise power not vested to it, then the state is acting illegally. We need to stand for God's law in the face of the power grab by those in civil authority who know no restraints. New York and the other increasingly socialized states have not only violated God's law, they have also violated their own Constitution and the will of the governed.

When they do that, they are just like King George. They have abdicated their moral and legal authority and are subject to indictment, trial and just punishment. Now, all those who freely exercise their inalienable right to religious faith must stop acting like useful idiots and fellow travelers by going along to get along. Instead, they must stand for their God-given rights by proclaiming loud and clear that these New York government servants have crossed the line into illegal activity that has no authority and makes them criminals.

--quoted from ted beahr, a "doctor," okay, whatever, with that gross and despicable world net daily.


This 'freedom' will include much more than a perpetual pansexual pagan party. It will, and already does, include libel, slander, intimidation, corruption of youth, revolt in congregations, suppression of parental rights, revision of language, disease, loss of employment and loss of life. Oh, and did I mention public sex, the porn explosion and public nudity? Welcome to entitlement sex. The New York crowd was on board with this concept, too, erupting into applause for Obama at all the appropriate moments. And why not? They live in a city that has already earned its Good Sodomizing Seal of Approval. More than 36,000 men who have sex with men in New York City are currently living with HIV/AIDS. This bleak prognosis casts a shadow on these 'marriages,' but no one wants to think about that.

-- quoted from another horrendous and vile cunt linda harvey. Written in that gross world net daily.


“Enormous political coercion has resulted in a profound failure of moral courage in the New York Senate. A clear majority of the people of New York oppose counterfeit ‘marriage,’ but Gov. Cuomo and anti-family lawmakers have shown that their allegiance is to a small but vocal minority seeking to redefine marriage and family. The so-called religious protections that were tacked on to the bill will ultimately do nothing to protect the religious rights of New York citizens. As we go forward there is little doubt that the 'incentives,' some taxpayer funded, used to sway votes, especially Republican ones, will be exposed.

-- Said by that vomit-inducing hate group leader tony perkins.

Then, the cad ranted about the Empire State Building in Pride colors:

"People at the Empire State Building said it was a coincidence. Officials explained that it takes hours to change the lights. But there was no mistaking the message Friday night when the highest point in the city lit up like a towering rainbow, its colors blazing across the New York skyline. Like a warning flare, the reds and blues and greens exploded over the city, announcing the arrival of same-sex 'marriage' to the world. Overnight, New York had become a beacon in the fight for family--a symbol of people who had lost their way.

"When the law goes into effect next month, New York will be the sixth and largest state to shatter the definition of marriage in America. To understand the devastation of that defeat, consider this. Within hours, the number of people living in jurisdictions with same-sex 'marriage' doubled. With one vote, New York forced more Americans to bow to its twisted definition of marriage than the combined population of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Iowa, and the District of Columbia. And none of it would have been possible without the political cowardice of New York Republicans."


"Ultimately, this issue will not be resolved in the courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court: it will be decided by a constitutional amendment. Though the Federal Marriage Amendment prevailed in the House in 2006 by a margin of 236-187, it failed to achieve the necessary 290 votes required to pass a constitutional amendment; two-thirds of both chambers of Congress, and three-fourths of the states (38), are needed.

"Standing in the way of a constitutional amendment is the legitimate reluctance on the part of federal lawmakers to decide what many believe to be a matter for the states. But given that we are left with the scenario of the people vs. the elites, we are quickly reaching a tipping point, and when that happens, chances are good that this issue will be resolved by a constitutional amendment.

--- Mouthed from one of the catholic league's biggest supporters and pedophile defender, disgusting bill donahue


I hope that every state will do what New York did on Friday, but I know that a solely state-by–state solution could mean years of pain, decades of waiting, and too many of my LGBTQ brothers and sisters left behind. A solely state-by-state solution sends a government sanctioned message to the bigots and bullies that in some states it’s OK to treat LGBT people as undeserving of equal rights. And worse still, a solely state-by-state solution will always be subject to political winds and will therefore never feel permanent.

Mr. President, please consider the LGBTQ children living in Mississippi, Arkansas, and in my home state of Texas. Are their lives less worthy of protection than those in New York, Massachusetts, and Iowa?

If the civil rights of this country’s minorities are left to the states, then this will become a checkerboard nation where some areas are free and some areas are not free. Children in some states will be told to lift their heads high and others will be told they are second-class citizens, less than, and that their love and their future families are not worthy of this nation’s protection and admiration.

--Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black crafts an excellent opinion piece for The Daily Beast.


The MSNBC anchor gives a platform to that disgusting fat fuck from nom, brian brown:

(And, why continue to give these hateful cunts any type of platform???)

Monday, June 27, 2011


Even with a sore foot, Rafael Nadal marched forward to win his match against Juan Martin Del Potro.

The score: 7-6, 3-6, 7-6, 6-4.

Del Potro took a tumble on his hip in the third set but soldiered on.

We hope that there is nothing medically serious for both!!

CNN reports:

Nadal called for the doctor at the end of the first set after suffering an injury to his left foot that impeded his movement but he battled through the pain to take the opener on a tie-break.

However, as Nadal moved gingerly around the court in the second set, Del Potro took full advantage to level the match thanks to some booming ground strokes.

In the third set Del Potro, the 2009 U.S. Open champion, fell awkwardly when trying to change direction on the baseline and he left the court to be seen by the doctor.

The 22-year-old returned and ensured the third set went into a tie-break but made a series of unforced errors to hand his Spanish opponent the upper hand before Nadal powered to victory in the fourth.

I thought I would have to retire at the end of the first set because there was a lot of pain

After the match Nadal told reporters: "I don't know what the problem is, it seems to be a problem with the bone in the foot.


The MSNBC news anchor discussed Friday's monumental vote in New York on same-sex marriage and the impact it can have nationwide:


Freedom To Marry released a presser. The American Medical Association issues a call for same-sex marriage nationwide.

With the New York State now the sixth – and largest – state to end the exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage, the American Medical Association (AMA) adopted a policy position declaring that excluding same-sex couples from marriage is “discriminatory” and reaffirming existing AMA policy to support relationship recognition of gay and lesbian couples as a means of addressing health disparities faced by those couples and their families. “With this deliberate policy statement by the American Medical Association, the nation’s doctors diagnose the pain and injury that exclusion from marriage inflicts on lesbian and gay couples, their children, and loved ones – and make clear that ending marriage discrimination is the cure,” said Evan Wolfson, founder and President of Freedom to Marry. “The AMA now joins every other mainstream public health organization in America in making the case for providing the freedom to marry – and the critical safety-net that comes with marriage – to loving, committed same-sex couples.”


Oh yeah, add: anti-gay bigoted bitch.

We normally don't give these stupid slits a platform or any attention but this stupidity is just too good to pass up.

Buffoon was asked about being flakey. And, the snatch was insulted. No hag, here is an insult: Are you a flakey ignorant cunt??

Most logical gay Americans would answer that with a yes.

And, this from FOX no less. They usually like bigoted stupid bitches especially to hire!!

Then, the stupid bitch refers spiritually to John Wayne from Waterloo, Iowa, too. John Wayne Gacy, that is!!

The stupid cunt is too busy spreading those gross legs instead of spreading the pages of a book to do some accurate fact-checking.

Hey ignorant slit? Referring to John Wayne, the actor? He was from Winterset, Iowa, about a 3-hour drive away.

More proof the bitch is stupid and bigoted: The Buffoon states that it is okay for states to have gay marriage, but as President, the cunt would repeal it.

Can't write this shit yourself. It is just too good.......


English footballer Frank Lampard

He gives us some body and bulge!!



We believe he is childless. We call all hot older established guys Daddies all the time (i.e. Andy Cohen).

9 TO 5


Nole Cakes pretty much phoned this match in. He won in a seamless and sweat less three set match against Michael Llodra, 6-3, 6-3, 6-3.

Our hot jock/Djok faces Aussie Bernard Tomic on Wednesday.

Some days, Nole is lukewarm and struggling like he did Saturday against Marcos Baghdatis.

And other days, like this afternoon, Nole Cakes made the match seem like a no-brainer.

Needless to say, we'll take him HOT over COLD any day!!!



Ben Cohen


The daily calls out the President to get in step with marriage equality in this morning's editorial:

On Thursday night, when same-sex marriage in New York State was teetering on a razor’s edge, President Obama had a perfect opportunity to show the results of his supposed evolution on gay marriage.

Unfortunately, he did not take it, keeping his own views in the shadows. The next night the Republican-led New York State Senate, of all places, proved itself more forward-thinking than the president on one of the last great civil-rights debates in this nation’s history.

After he took office, it became evident that Republicans intended to portray him as a radical, out-of-touch leftist no matter what he did. Supporting same-sex marriage at this point is hardly going to change that drumbeat, and any voter for whom that is a make-or-break issue will probably not be an Obama supporter anyway.

Firm support for gay marriage is, on the other hand, likely to help him among his cheerless base. Mr. Obama opposes the Defense of Marriage Act and is presiding over the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” He signed the United Nations declaration on gay rights, and allowed the Census to count same-sex relationships. But he has been absent from the biggest and most difficult drive of all.

Public opinion has swung toward acceptance of gay marriage since 2008; five more states and the District of Columbia have lifted marriage bans. Thousands of gay men and lesbians now possess marriage certificates and many former skeptics have come to realize that the moral foundation of the country has been strengthened. It is long past time for the president to catch up. He often criticizes discrimination with the memorable phrase, “that’s not who we are.” Favoring this discrimination should not be who he is.



Been there. Done that. Got the T-shirt.

America Blog has "evolve already" T-shirts.



Tonight is the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots which celebrates its 42nd year. The rebellious acts against the police marks the beginning of the gay rights movement. It is this celebration of Stonewall that makes the month of June Pride month all around the world. May we not forget where we came from and where we are going to.

READ ALL ABOUT IT!: One of the original stories in The New York Daily News that week of Stonewall 1969: (notice how the report is anti-gay and condescending)


-by Jerry Lisker, New York Daily News, July 6th 1969

She sat there with her legs crossed, the lashes of her mascara-coated eyes beating like the wings of a hummingbird. She was angry. She was so upset she hadn't bothered to shave. A day old stubble was beginning to push through the pancake makeup. She was a he. A queen of Christopher Street.

Last weekend the queens had turned commandos and stood bra strap to bra strap against an invasion of the helmeted Tactical Patrol Force. The elite police squad had shut down one of their private gay clubs, the Stonewall Inn at 57 Christopher St., in the heart of a three-block homosexual community in Greenwich Village. Queen Power reared its bleached blonde head in revolt. New York City experienced its first homosexual riot. "We may have lost the battle, sweets, but the war is far from over," lisped an unofficial lady-in-waiting from the court of the Queens.

"We've had all we can take from the Gestapo," the spokesman, or spokeswoman, continued. "We're putting our foot down once and for all." The foot wore a spiked heel. According to reports, the Stonewall Inn, a two-story structure with a sand painted brick and opaque glass facade, was a mecca for the homosexual element in the village who wanted nothing but a private little place where they could congregate, drink, dance and do whatever little girls do when they get together.

The thick glass shut out the outside world of the street. Inside, the Stonewall bathed in wild, bright psychedelic lights, while the patrons writhed to the sounds of a juke box on a square dance floor surrounded by booths and tables. The bar did a good business and the waiters, or waitresses, were always kept busy, as they snaked their way around the dancing customers to the booths and tables. For nearly two years, peace and tranquility reigned supreme for the Alice in Wonderland clientele.

The Raid Last Friday

Last Friday the privacy of the Stonewall was invaded by police from the First Division. It was a raid. They had a warrant. After two years, police said they had been informed that liquor was being served on the premises. Since the Stonewall was without a license, the place was being closed. It was the law.

All hell broke loose when the police entered the Stonewall. The girls instinctively reached for each other. Others stood frozen, locked in an embrace of fear.

Only a handful of police were on hand for the initial landing in the homosexual beachhead. They ushered the patrons out onto Christopher Street, just off Sheridan Square. A crowd had formed in front of the Stonewall and the customers were greeted with cheers of encouragement from the gallery.

The whole proceeding took on the aura of a homosexual Academy Awards Night. The Queens pranced out to the street blowing kisses and waving to the crowd. A beauty of a specimen named Stella wailed uncontrollably while being led to the sidewalk in front of the Stonewall by a cop. She later confessed that she didn't protest the manhandling by the officer, it was just that her hair was in curlers and she was afraid her new beau might be in the crowd and spot her. She didn't want him to see her this way, she wept.

Queen Power

The crowd began to get out of hand, eye witnesses said. Then, without warning, Queen Power exploded with all the fury of a gay atomic bomb. Queens, princesses and ladies-in-waiting began hurling anything they could get their polished, manicured fingernails on. Bobby pins, compacts, curlers, lipstick tubes and other femme fatale missiles were flying in the direction of the cops. The war was on. The lilies of the valley had become carnivorous jungle plants.

Urged on by cries of "C'mon girls, lets go get'em," the defenders of Stonewall launched an attack. The cops called for assistance. To the rescue came the Tactical Patrol Force.

Flushed with the excitement of battle, a fellow called Gloria pranced around like Wonder Woman, while several Florence Nightingales administered first aid to the fallen warriors. There were some assorted scratches and bruises, but nothing serious was suffered by the honeys turned Madwoman of Chaillot.

Official reports listed four injured policemen with 13 arrests. The War of the Roses lasted about 2 hours from about midnight to 2 a.m. There was a return bout Wednesday night.

Two veterans recently recalled the battle and issued a warning to the cops. "If they close up all the gay joints in this area, there is going to be all out war."

Bruce and Nan

Both said they were refugees from Indiana and had come to New York where they could live together happily ever after. They were in their early 20's. They preferred to be called by their married names, Bruce and Nan.

"I don't like your paper," Nan lisped matter-of-factly. "It's anti-fag and pro-cop."

"I'll bet you didn't see what they did to the Stonewall. Did the pigs tell you that they smashed everything in sight? Did you ask them why they stole money out of the cash register and then smashed it with a sledge hammer? Did you ask them why it took them two years to discover that the Stonewall didn't have a liquor license."

Bruce nodded in agreement and reached over for Nan's trembling hands.

"Calm down, doll," he said. "Your face is getting all flushed."

Nan wiped her face with a tissue.

"This would have to happen right before the wedding. The reception was going to be held at the Stonewall, too," Nan said, tossing her ashen-tinted hair over her shoulder.

"What wedding?," the bystander asked.

Nan frowned with a how-could-anybody-be-so-stupid look. "Eric and Jack's wedding, of course. They're finally tying the knot. I thought they'd never get together."

Meet Shirley

"We'll have to find another place, that's all there is to it," Bruce sighed. "But every time we start a place, the cops break it up sooner or later."

"They let us operate just as long as the payoff is regular," Nan said bitterly. "I believe they closed up the Stonewall because there was some trouble with the payoff to the cops. I think that's the real reason. It's a shame. It was such a lovely place. We never bothered anybody. Why couldn't they leave us alone?"

Shirley Evans, a neighbor with two children, agrees that the Stonewall was not a rowdy place and the persons who frequented the club were never troublesome. She lives at 45 Christopher St.

"Up until the night of the police raid there was never any trouble there," she said. "The homosexuals minded their own business and never bothered a soul. There were never any fights or hollering, or anything like that. They just wanted to be left alone. I don't know what they did inside, but that's their business. I was never in there myself. It was just awful when the police came. It was like a swarm of hornets attacking a bunch of butterflies."

A reporter visited the now closed Stonewall and it indeed looked like a cyclone had struck the premises.

Police said there were over 200 people in the Stonewall when they entered with a warrant. The crowd outside was estimated at 500 to 1,000. According to police, the Stonewall had been under observation for some time. Being a private club, plain clothesmen were refused entrance to the inside when they periodically tried to check the place. "They had the tightest security in the Village," a First Division officer said, "We could never get near the place without a warrant."

Police Talk

The men of the First Division were unable to find any humor in the situation, despite the comical overtones of the raid.

"They were throwing more than lace hankies," one inspector said. "I was almost decapitated by a slab of thick glass. It was thrown like a discus and just missed my throat by inches. The beer can didn't miss, though, "it hit me right above the temple."

Police also believe the club was operated by Mafia connected owners. The police did confiscate the Stonewall's cash register as proceeds from an illegal operation. The receipts were counted and are on file at the division headquarters. The warrant was served and the establishment closed on the grounds it was an illegal membership club with no license, and no license to serve liquor.

The police are sure of one thing. They haven't heard the last from the Girls of Christopher Street.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


We focused so much on New York Pride, especially with the marriage equality vote BUT we didn't want to leave the weekend without.....

A shout out to San Francisco Pride 2011! Woop! Woop!

Hey Golden Gaters. We love you and that beautiful city of yours.

We wish all of you the best. Let's bottle these happy moments for every day of the year.



All the more reason to celebrate NYC Pride 2011 with extra vivaciousness:

Governor Cuomo & Co. passing same-sex marriage on Friday night!!!

Congrats New Yorkers! We send our love!!!


Saturday, June 25, 2011


We feel like this daily with most calls.

But, especially today:

With the news of New York's same-sex marriage passage, our phones are blowing up!


MEDIA 101:

The New York Times knows how to craft a layout!


On the other hand.

Metaphors much???

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