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Sunday, October 31, 2010











A Jawbreaker



For Halloween, we're giving away some candy-- EYE CANDY!!

Some candy is slick in the wrapper and dripping with flavor like below.


We're giving candy away all night, so keep knocking at our door--we'll eventually answer and make it worth your while!!



Find out why via The New York Times these men dare people to smell them.

We'll double those dares and do more than just smell them!!  How about a lot of oral and some afternoon delight?????

Todd Felix in red.

Matt Merkel in the olive shirt.  Mmmmm mmmmmph  Woof, Grrrrrrr.


We've had a huge mad crush on James Marsden since the mid 90s.

Here's a sneak peak of James on the Modern Family set.

He'll play a character that loves to parade around shirtless!  We likey!!


For Halloween where all things seem big and scary especially a romance, we share Belinda's Big Scary Animal.

One of our favorite performances of Babe--when aren't any of them our absolute favorites?!!!--- she gave on David Letterman's old NBC show:


In Connecticut, President Obama was giving a speech when AIDS hecklers verbally assaulted him.

The President retorted back and turned the boos from the crowd to cheers and they booed the confrontational protesters.

'Let me just say this,' he said, addressing the hecklers. 'You've been appearing at every rally we've been doing. 'We're funding global Aids,' he continued defensively. 'And the other [Republican] side is not. 'So I don't know why you think this is a useful strategy to take,' he finished, jabbing his finger angrily in the direction of the hecklers. The crowds boos turned to cheers as Mr Obama - who was in the state campaigning for Democrat Richard Blumenthal - spoke. 'So, what we would suggest,' he added, 'I think it would make a lot more sense for you guys to go to the folks who aren't interested in funding global Aids and shout at that rally. Because we're trying to focus on figuring out how to finance the things that you want financed.'

Then he turned to another group of hecklers on his other side, adding: 'You guys same thing.' As more chants filled the rally, he said: 'Alright, you guys have made your point, now let's go.' Fighting to regain the momentum of the rally, he held his hands up saying: 'Everybody - we're alright. 'Come on guys,' he said. He then fell silent again, watching with pursed lips as the crowd booed the hecklers once more. The President waited nearly 20 seconds for the noise to stop, then attempted again to continue with his speech.

via dailymail

Saturday, October 30, 2010



Check out these images of Mikey Phelps at the Star Trophy Golf Tournament.

The lad looks just as HOT fully clothed.

He is so beautiful!!  Mmmmmmm mmmmmmmph


Readers know we are HUGE fans of uber gorgeous model Ryan Daharsh.

Enjoy these new images.

Just stunning!!


At the NFLShop  website, customers can custom design their own numbered jerseys.  One can find  the team he likes,  favorite jersey number and with limited characters, he can spell out what the backside will say.

We made this one for ourselves!  

Should we treat ourselves...... Hanukkah is around the corner.....

Friday, October 29, 2010


An eco-friendly group Teens Turning Green were going to protest the Abercrombie & Fitch store at 5th Avenue and 57th Street, a flagship store.

TTG advocates for an environment free of toxic chemicals and A&F is guilty of spritzing that Fierce fragrance via machines into the store and outside onto an unassuming public.

The fragrance has caused customers to react in the form of:   headaches, wheezing, asthma attacks and contact dermatitis.

The ingredients even have 11 "secret chemicals" that are not revealed on the label.

Fierce contains an ingredient:   diethyl phthalate.  This chemical is known to harm males, particularly their testosterone, according to Alex Peaslee, co-president of Teens Turning Green,  the NYC branch.


Ryan Gosling on set playing with an 80s vintage toy, the Rubik's Cube.

We see the toy we wanna play with on Ryan!!

Check that bulge out!!  Yummmmm!


Ick!  Gross!!  This cover should come with one of those "Not under 18" warnings and cellophane wrapping to protect all of us from seeing these repulsive and vile monsters.


Will TIME's  "preview" cover be a post-election cover?  We hope not!!!

Most of the magazine's demographic is a mature audience (monied, conservative, midwest values).

By placing all these homophobic idiots on the cover, we ask is TIME giving an endorsement?  An approval?  A glowing recommendation?


TMZ has a live Q&A everyday via their website.

For Halloween weekend, Harvey Levin dressed as Gloria Allred.  Allred is one of the show's favorite targets.

Levin could not keep the outfit on for long thus changing back to his street wear.


Let's stop looking at hot guys for a while and do some hard hitting news for a change....

Equality California had a noose hung at the door of its Santa Ana office.  

In California, the law states that ANY threats of violence against a LGBT group is classified as a hate crime:

California Penal Code section 422.55, defines Hate Crime as being a criminal act committed, in whole or in part, because of one or more of the following actual or perceived characteristics of the victim: Disability, Gender, Nationality, Race or Ethnicity, Religion, Sexual Orientation, or association with a person or group of persons with one or more of the preceding actual or perceived characteristics.

Examples- painting racist, homophobic and/or religious graffiti on private property; burning a cross on an individual’s lawn; an assault; a criminal threat of violence against an individual or group; attempted murder or murder.     Via theliberaloc

When EC's employee Mel Distel alerted the authorities of the incident, police were TOTALLY disinterested and wrote the situation off with a shrug-the-shoulders response, "'sometimes you have to live with being a victim.'"  


"There was nothing they could do, of course, there was no suspect and no crime had been committed. The officer said 'what it is, is a string on a door.' My vision got blurry, I was embarrased and felt stupid for making the call. I took a deep breath and said 'Do you see any correlation between the fact that this is a gay office and there was a noose left on our door in the wake of all of these teen suicides?' The officer said, 'Sometimes you just have to live with being a victim,' and proceeded to mention that his car had been broken into before." That didn't exactly sit well with Distel. "As if that's the same. As if having your stereo stolen is anything like the message 'You should kill yourself.' As if random theft is anything like an act meant to convey hate and stir up fear in the heart of a minority group."


Our RyRy was a guest on Martha Stewart's show and he was soooo engaging.  

The theme of Friday's show was  bones-- for Halloween.  The True Blood star helped the domestic doyenne make Osso Bucco.  Being a veggie blog, we frown upon the latter.

Some of the exchange between the two:


Martha: It's obvious from what you do in your shows and in your movies that you have strong bones.

Ryan: Yes, I've actually broken 39 of them.

Martha: How?

Ryan: I've had a very adventurous life, let's say. I was a boxer and a little bit of a rebel when I was a kid.

Martha: You didn't break your nose? You're nose is good.

Ryan: No, [I've broken my] cheek bone a couple times.

Martha: That's pretty horrible. Do you have a high threshold for pain?

Ryan: I do. I'm pretty much a masochist at heart.

Martha: You are [giggling].

A little later:

Martha: I am going to have you do something that makes your hands messy.

Ryan: Sure! Get me dirty!

Martha: Yes!


Ryan: I might need a nice little knife here.

Martha: Oh no, it's so tender.

Ryan: Really?

Martha: A strong boy like you does not need to use a knife on that.

Ryan: Alright, are we ready for this, people? [Martha and audience laughing] In 3…2…1 [bites a forkful of the osso bucco].

Martha: Does it taste good?

Ryan: I feel like I'm doing a commercial. That's fabulous!

Martha: Ok, good.

Excerpts provided via hollywoodnoise


We miss us some Colin.    The good-looking, cleans-up-nicely bloke.... not the death-warmed-over, scraggly, unshowered one.

He gives good face, good body, AND good cock!!


And since you read our blog and we're feeling generous this Friday and it's the weekend.... a weekend that includes Halloween, we are throwing in a visual treat.... you may wish to trick with this treat!!



Andy gave this bigot a fair chance to explain  his side of the story. We say "fuck fair." We would have tarred this stupid fuck. Roast. Grill. Burn.

We thinks:  the asswipe is sorry he got caught.... he ain't sorry for what he said!!


Andy interviewed Midland School Board Member Clint McCance  for 360.

Questions ranged from if this dullard uses anti-gay slurs in everyday language to if this cad realized his comments hurt parents who had children, gay or not, that committed suicide.

Andy asked if this idiot will resign, the hater said he would.

Andy also interviewed little Asher Brown's parents; Asher held a gun to his brain and pulled the trigger in his room.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


In the Bronx gay-bashing case, 4 out of 11 of those monsters are free.  These animals would lure guys back because they thought they were gay then false imprison and torture their victims.

Where's the justice??  

....these guys are back on the street, and the lesson they learned is that you can get away with hurting someone like this," said the relative.

"If you were in the house that day, you should be locked up," another relative said.

The criminal complaints against the four freed men had few details of their involvement, and prosecutors believed "they would have better success going after the main actors" in the crime, said a lawyer for one of the accused.

Six men remain in jail on charges related to the gang assault and robbery, with a seventh out on bail.


Not surprising the American government turned their head and kept quite about this.  The government is not for the LGBT community-- in this country or any other--- in any way.

Gay City News reports that The Pentagon knew about the Iraqi men murdered for being gay a year before media outlets started covering the story.

Duncan Osborne reports:

The male was shot (___) times in the chest, and a note was discovered on the body stating that the man had been killed by ___ for stealing cars and being homosexual,” read the January 1, 2005, memo, in which some words were redacted. The body was discovered in Ramadi, a city in central Iraq, and a note was left at the scene by the gunmen who killed the man. The fact that the note was written in advance of the killing suggests that the gunmen knew whom they were targeting and why they were killing him, and had time to plan and prepare for the murder.

“After talking with the locals (through an ___), a CO discovered that the male was killed at approximately 1545C by gunmen driving past in a vehicle,” the memo read. “The vehicle drove past, fired, dropped the note, and then fled. The note is being brought back to - -___ for further analysis. No friendly casualties or damage to equipment reported.”

The blog Joe.My.God. reports:

Gay City News found the memo by searching on with keywords such as gay, lesbian, homosexual, fag, and faggot. The 2005 memo was the only document Gay City News found that related to the killings of gay Iraqis. Gay City News first reported on such killings in March of 2006. Reporter Doug Ireland, who authored that first story, found killings that occurred as early as April of 2005. An April 2006 report from the United Nations added further evidence that gay, lesbian, and transgender Iraqis were being targeted.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010



Hello!  BAM!

This hottie does IT for us... where's his surfboard and guitar?



Truly vile.

This story of the Arkansas Middle School Board member that posted on his Facebook wall that the only way he would wear purple for Spirit day is  "if [all gay kids] commit suicide" is really blowing up.  The cad would even disown his kids if they were homosexual and states "of course my kids will know better." 

The bigot's name is clint mccance.

The Facebook page has been taken down as of late.

The initial posting read:

Seriously they want me to wear purple because five queers committed suicide. The only way im wearin it for them is if they all commit suicide. I cant believe the people of this world have gotten this stupid. We are honoring the fact that they sinned and killed therselves because of their sin. REALLY PEOPLE.

With a later entry that read: 

No because being a fag doesn't give you the right o ruin the rest of our lives. It you get easily offended by being caleld a fag then don't tell anyone you are a fag. Keep that shit to yourself. I don't care how people decide to live their lives. They don't bother me if they keep it thereselves. It pisses me off though that we make special purple fag day for them. I like that fags can't procreate. I also enjoy the fact that they often give each other AIDS and die. If you aren't against it, you might as well be for it.

Andy profiles this incident on his CNN talkie:


A visual treat we could get use to on a daily basis!!

Craig Morgan


Our RyRy will be cast as murderous cult leader Charles Manson in a new film that's in development tentatively titled  The Family.

The film won't be a biopic of Manson's life per se;  it will focus more on the murders that he and his followers committed.

This should be a real "meaty" role for Kwanten to display his serious acting chops.  


Are we sure this is FOX and not HBO?

There was an abundance of near-nudity for a show about high-schoolers.  Where's the teen angst concerning pimples and prom dates?   Happy Days was never like this!!

After months of hype, FOX FINALLY!!!! premiered that Rocky Horror homage episode.

Can we all get back to work now?!........

We feel duped not having a beary attractive and super sexy teacher like Mr. Schuester  :(  We would have been all about being a "teacher's pet!!" has the best images of the episode!


The Village Voice debuts an exhaustive story on Lt. Dan Choi, his life and his gay rights activism.

Steven Thrasher, the writer of the story,  describes the gay icon as personifying "the growing rift between gay-rights activists who want to cooperate with lobbyists and elected officials, and those who demand direct action."

There's no doubt that when Choi came out last March on MSNBC as a gay soldier, he helped take the movement to a whole new level. "When he appeared on the Rachel Maddow Show, he was very buttoned-down, very conservative, very professional—and clear as a bell," says Rick Jacobs, leader of a group fighting California's anti-gay Proposition 8, The Courage Campaign. But Choi isn't buttoned-down anymore. There are many across the political spectrum who wish the lieutenant would be quiet once in a while. He angered the right by appearing as the grand marshal at last year's San Francisco and New York Gay Pride parades, where, as he puts it, he was gleefully "breaking 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' all up and down the street!" (In uniform.) He has angered the left by not being lockstep antiwar enough at times, and by warmly welcoming Ken Mehlman, Bush's campaign manager, to the gayborhood when he came out. In a movement awash with political correctness, Choi decidedly isn't.



President Obama dropped in on the White House strategy meeting concerning the repeal of DADT.

“The President stopped by to directly convey to the participants his personal commitment on this issue,” said a White House official, speaking on the condition of anonymity. The official declined to give any further details on the duration of the president's stay or the content of the meeting, but an email earlier in the day indicated participants would be focused soley on strategizing about passing legislation during the lame duck session.

DADT-related court cases could not be discussed as both White House council and case litigants were in the same room, which is a no no.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


We love British blokes... especially ones that are charming and super sexy like Andrew Garfield.

14th Annual Hollywood Awards Gala



MAC, Cover Girl, Maybelline... this photoshop editor didn't care what brand it was, they just wanted to make teen singer Justin Bieber look like a girl.


Get that in your contract BB:  the ability to sign off on final images before publication especially if you agreed to a cover!!


Vanity Fair photoshopped RepubliCUNT heads, like marco rubio, john mccain and newt gingrich, onto scantily-clad male bodies to "produce" a hot hunks calendar, Red Meat 2010-11 Republican Beefcake Calendar.

One word:  GROSS!!!!!


Gold's Gym San Francisco has decided to cut ties (when their contract expires)  with its parent company TRT Holdings.  Over the weekend, we all learned TRT Holdings CEO Robert Rowling gave a $2M contribution to karl roves' SuperPAC American Crossroads.  

Gold's Gym SF will consult with their legal team to ensure which path to take once the gym's  contract is up in 2012 with TRT Holdings.

Dear Gold's Gym Members,

In response to the donation to American Crossroads from Robert Rowling, the CEO of TRT holdings, Gold's Gym San Francisco Bay Area would like to make you aware of the following:

We are a local, family run business of 4 gyms. A large percentage of our employees and members are from the LGBT community. Our company works tirelessly to support the LGBT community with financial donations to almost every major local LGBT charity. We are sponsors of the Academy of Friends, Folsom Street Fair, ALCS Riders, SF AIDS Foundation, PAWS, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center, Maitri, SF PRIDE and many, many more.

Gold's Gym San Francisco has long been a pillar of the gay community. We will continue to be. It is very unfortunate that the CEO of TRT holdings has chosen this course of action. We do not support it in any way. Our original contractual obligations to Gold's Gym International were signed over 22 years ago and TRT holdings is just the latest in a series of ownership groups that has presided over Gold's Gym.

Our company has worked for over twenty years to support our LGBT staff, members and community in everyway possible and we will continue to.

We were as surprised by Mr. Rowling's action as anyone but because our company believes in and lives up to the ideals of equality for all we are going to take the following actions:

1: Our contractual obligation with Gold's Gym expires on September 15th, 2012 and on or prior to that date (our legal counsel is reviewing our options) we will leave the Gold's Gym brand. It is a major initiative to create a new brand and leave Gold's Gym which has been our identity for over 20 years but we will begin that process today.

2: For every dollar we pay Gold's Gym in franchise fees we will donate an equal or greater amount to LGBT charities. While we donate much more than this to charities and community groups that support the LGBT community we want to make a commitment to match or exceed this amount until our relationship with Gold's Gym can be severed.

3: Our management and staff will continue to support LGBT causes in every way possible and we will use our business as a platform to fight for change and equality for everyone. We have always taken great pride in being a leader in the LGBT community and we will continue to.

Thank you,

Don DickersonDirector of OperationsGold's Gym Bay Area

Those neighborhood "little" gyms aren't looking too bad to join these days, i.e. Easton or Little Gym on Nemo.

Monday, October 25, 2010



We all benefited whilst BECK changed his shorts at yesterday's game!!

Beck's big beautiful bountiful bulbous bulge! 


Images via queertwocents


On Joy Behar's HN talker, scribe Dan Savage and former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey discuss all the damage to youths that those religious, political, anti-gay wingnuts spew:



3 beautiful images of RyRy for the new Interview magazine.

RY BOAST:  "The pictures which will be accompanying this interview are basically of me in tight, wet T-shirts and tiny leather jackets going around in the rain and pretending that I’m a lot cooler than I am."





Arnold Schwarzenegger + Maria Shriver = Patrick

The lad is 17... so we can't get too crazy or carried away.  But at 18--watch out!!

He's a young gun that we definitely will have our eagle eyes on in the coming years.

Welcome to our fold,  BeeBoo!!



Starting the week very nicely:

Penn Badgley's VPL




Gorgeous Kellan Lutz and his abs for Men's Health Espanol edition:

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