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Thursday, September 30, 2010


We love the surf guitar!  Is this where guitarist Charlotte Caffey found some of her inspiration??


The Munsters will be remade for NBC.

A pilot has been ordered and Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies, Heros) is attached.

2.0 version pitch:  Modern Family meets True Blood.

Can't some things just be left alone and remain a classic?  Is it that hard to think of some original TV ideas.

Call us NBC, we've got lots of TV show ideas to pitch and NONE of them are remakes  from yesteryear!!!!!!!!!!


Scott from Bill in Exhile sums up our thoughts and feelings on these two cunts (and we ain't capitalizing for trash, we can barely type or stomach their names):  dharun ravi and molly rei.

These are the two low-life scumbags who attended Rutgers University and who secretly filmed their gay college roommate, Tyler Clementi, making out with another guy.

Then they announced on Twitter that they they were posting the video feed live on iChat and invited people to watch the hot boy on boy action.

I realize that these two monsters are probably over 18 years of age, and therefore accountable for their own actions under the law — but seriously, their parents should be prosecuted for criminal negligence for foisting two such abysmal, morally bankrupt turds off on society as these two clearly are.


Glorious? Yes! But a small victory in the huge war that is homophobic hatred.

Joe Jervis writes the blog Joe.My.God.  A person wrote the comment "All faggots must die."  His fans and readers were internet sleuths and solved the location where the comment came from via IP address.  The hateful comment was traced to Senator Saxby Chambliss' office in Atlanta.  

It took some time and nationwide media attention, via Anderson Cooper's 360, but Jervis received an apology from Senator Chambliss himself via phone call.

Chambliss' office released this presser:

"The office of the Senate Sergeant at Arms has concluded its investigation, and I responded to that report immediately with the removal of a member of my staff. I commend the Sergeant at Arms, Terrance Gainer, and his staff for their very thorough and professional work.

"I have called Mr. Jervis, the blog’s author, and apologized to him personally, and I am sorry for the hurt this incident has caused. Regardless of one’s position on issues and policies, such comments are simply unacceptable, are not befitting those who work in the U.S. Senate, and I will not tolerate them from my staff."


Adorable little Tyler Wilson, 11, chats it up on Good Morning America.

His appearance brings to the forefront the issue of bullying in school.

He's the cheerleader that had his arm broken; his homophobic, vile, disgusting and retched school peers did this to him.

His mom is bringing criminal charges to the stupid fucks that did this!!!  EXCELLENT!


Enjoy this high calorie visual treat!!

Yigit Pura from Top Chef Just Desserts.


Judge Vaughn Walker will step down after 21 years of public service and return to the private sector.

Walker will always be remembered for striking down Proposition 8 in 2010.

He's 66; we wish him the best.


Dave Navarro takes hands to keyboard to tap out a letter to gay, bi and transgendered teens.

He also supports PETA.

Who knew his addiction is humanitarian??  Kudos!!

Personally, I have seen a lot of darkness and tragedy that has felt insurmountable. The murder of my mother, my battle with drug addiction, the loss of friends and family. Utter depression and despair. Of course the thought of suicide has crossed my mind a time or two. Let me share this. THANK GOD I never took that action. The friends I have made, the experiences I have had, the laughter I have shared would have all been missed. In hindsight, some of my darkest moments now seem so small and insignificant that I am amazed I gave them so much power at the time.





I Am Number Four looks scary,  Mary.

In a war with aliens, Number Four can't be murdered until Number Two or Number Three.  Well, guess what, it's Number Four's turn.  The aliens can only kill in order; we have no idea who thought of the rules.

The gorgeous Alex Pettyfer plays Number Four:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The fabulous lead singer of Savage Garden, Darren Hayes answers Dan Savage's It Gets Better:


We are in absolute awe and shock that Greg Giraldo passed away.  A result of an accidental overdose last week.

We absolutely adored this genius.   The world has lost a true talent.  Giraldo is in that rare stratosphere of comedians that can craft a set that leaves you crying from laughter and wanting more and more of his intoxicating humor.

His humor was wickedly funny and piercingly right on his marked target.

He had a law degree from Harvard.

He leaves behind a wife and 4 children.

Our hearts are heavy and will be for a very long time.


We loved his roast of The Hoff and Joanie.  

1.  David Hasselhoff:

2. Joan Rivers:


This afternoon,  our faithful fan base in Houston notified us and said that the local news media FINALLY covered the suicide of little Asher Brown.  The UT shooting was more imperative-- we guess?--- and it dominated all the  stations' newscast yesterday.  AND!!!! his death happened last Thursday.

The child was only 13 and took his life so violently with a gun.

He was another victim of bullying at his school, Hamilton Middle School.

The precious boy was taunted for:  1) being small-framed  2) the way he dressed 3) for being gay.

The retched and homophobic bullies would mock gay sex acts in physical education classes to torment him.  Despicable.  

The school is playing stupid and claiming that no bullying complaints were filed.

Brown's parents alerted the school a year and half ago that little Asher was teased and taunted.


This shit has to stop.  If you are a child being tormented notify police, a school administrator, preferably someone at the district's administrative building, we recommend the superintendent him/herself, a fire fighter..... any authority figure that will take action.  Call The Trevor Project.  This organization is there to help you.   Ask them to call the local police for you to save your life. 

For adults that would like to reach out and help these tormented individuals, please volunteer at your local LGBT center for youth, a suicide hotline or give time to The Trevor Project and help our LGBT youth-at-risk.

One life lost to this abuse is one life too many.



For GQ Australia, Matthew Mitcham flips in/for Nobody Jeans:


Another suicide story, this time an 18-year-old Rutgers student.

His vile roommates allegedly live-streamed him having sex with another male.   The teen killed himself after finding out the event was broadcast on the Internet.

These two are truly disgusting and vile if the accusations are true in a court.

Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei are each charged with two counts of invasion of privacy.


Actor/musician Chris Salvatore answers the It Gets Better Pledge.

Angst gay youths can email him and hopefully he can help out:



Dusty Cakes

“I would refer back to some of the early gay rights ‘activists’ who said, ‘This is our lives we’re fighting for.’ I think that’s still true today, which is why I work not only with stuff that pushes us forward like the American Foundation for Equal Rights, but I also want to work with things like the Trevor Project, which is making sure that we have a safety net in place until a time comes that we have equality, and until the time comes when a child isn’t subjected to the sort of abuse they’re subjected to in their schools, homes and churches ... I try as much as I can to not look at this as a political issue; I try to look at it as a more human issue.” Dustin Lance Black, Oscar-winning screenwriter of Milk; narrator, 8: The Mormon Proposition


Andy interviews this vile piece of shit:   Assistant District Attorney from Michigan, Andrew Shirvell.

He's targeting an openly gay college student, Chris Armstrong, via a blog and videos.

We love Andy, who puts the idiot in his place: "Are you a bigot?" "Aren't you a cyber-bully?" "It appears, though, that you're obsessed with this young gay man."  

Anderson Cooper

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Excellent!!  About fucking time.

President Obama slams FOX News:  News Organization is "destructive for the long- term growth of a country."

Hell Jeah!!!  As RyRy Lochte says.



We loooooove Jayden Grey!!

The GayVNs were at The Castro Theater in San Francisco this past weekend.

View the red carpet arrivals HERE.

And... so you are not in suspense any longer, Brent Corrigan won for Best Bottom-- who would have thunk??!!  Natch.

View the list of winners HERE.

We have to go one of these years.  Jayden, do you need a +1 or how about you, Steven????


NEW YORK:  Last week, Howl premiered at the IFC Center.

Gorgeous James Franco lit the event with some major wattage.

Franco with directors Jeffrey Friedman and Rob Epstein

Franco with super cutie Ed Norton


Ha ha haha ha 

Off the air, the audience of Dancing with the Snatch booed the vile cunt.

Maybe that show's audience isn't so stupid after all....


Putting the "B" in LGBT:

"My one friend jokes about me and he says 'You got half a blue side, half a pink side. Which shirt are you wearing today?' I wouldn't say it's easier for us, I wouldn't say it's harder for us. To be honest, I don't have that many gay or bisexual friends. Here in this college town especially, where it's definitely more liberal and you see a little bit more sexual freedom and experimentation. Growing up and in college, I've met a lot of guys who are bisexual, you know, football players, athletes. Traveling in New York City and LA, you know, entertainment people who very much are bisexual. But that part is more of their secret part, that they may date a girl but then they have something on the side with a guy. My theory is, it's easier because it's not like you're lying to yourself all the way when you're dating a girl because you're generally attracted to her. It's not like that gender turns you off. I would say it's difficult in the sense that you do feel society telling you it's gotta be one thing or the other. That's kind of the hardest part right now, is saying you have to pick one," offers Ryan Bruell, the BIsexual host of Paranormal State.

via afterelton

Trust us.. that gender turns us off!!  We put the "G" in LGBT!!


This is Mat "with one T"

Should Davey Wavey concede his reigning nelly throne?

More unclear, nonsensical ranting from generation Y.... R U here.


@@ WOW @@

Derek Hough:


The Human Rights Campaign is finally doing something good..... see what happens when you tear yourself away from those A-list plate dinners and those executive super salaries.

The HRC along with Courage Campaign are making the National Organization for Marriage transparent.

The organizations have created a website, NOM Exposed to uncover the integral players, the money trails and strategies of this anti-LGBT group.

The HRC/CC presser details:

WASHINGTON – As the National Organization for Marriage, or NOM, embarks on a fall election campaign to defeat candidates who support full marriage equality, the Human Rights Campaign, in collaboration with the Courage Campaign, unveiled “NOM Exposed,” a live, interactive website which reveals NOM's deep anti-gay affiliations, its long connections to the Mormon and Catholic churches and its quest to keep voters in the dark about its financing.  The site is at

At the same time, HRC announced the formation of the NOM Project to follow the ongoing political work and propaganda of NOM as it attempts to influence elections and legislative campaigns across the country.  The project will be led by Kevin Nix, a longtime LGBT advocate and political and media consultant.  A former communications director at both Servicemembers Legal Defense Network and the Family Equality Council, Nix also worked at Media Matters in the 2004 presidential cycle.

"NOM and its leaders project a message of tolerance yet NOM Exposed shows that behind the well-trained talking points is an anti-gay animus and moneyed connections that it is loath to reveal," said HRC President Joe Solmonese.  "This website is not static.  Working with the Courage Campaign, we will be watching the campaign trail and documenting NOM's political buys and bedfellows. We will connect the dots for voters."

NOM Exposed builds off the success of Courage Campaign’s NOM Tour Tracker – a blog of first-hand accounts, photos and videos chronicling NOM’s “2010 Summer for Marriage—One Man, One Woman” bus tour of 17 states.  The Courage Campaign deployed three staffers to follow NOM’s tour and file reports from the road, generating more than one-million page views and more than 15,000 comments.  During the course of the tour, federal courts declared two of NOM’s top policy priorities – California’s Proposition 8 and the Federal Defense of Marriage Act – unconstitutional.

The NOM Tour Tracker showed NOM’s summer tour consistently outnumbered three-to-one by pro-equality counter rally participants organized by Freedom to Marry and state LGBT organizations.  It also showed NOM staff attempting to 
limit public access to their events and NOM’s sparse supporters doing everything from speaking in tongues, to comparing marriage equality to genocide and advocating the murder of LGBT families.

“The NOM Tour Tracker unmasked the so-called 'National Organization for Marriage' as a small and secretive fringe group devoted to attacking families, spreading lies, and sowing fear,” said Courage Campaign Founder and Chairman Rick Jacobs.  “With a majority of Americans and a growing number of conservatives now standing up for equality, NOM Exposed takes this important work a step further by bringing to light the nefarious connections, shadowy finances, and dubious ethics at the heart of NOM’s brand of political extremism.  We are proud to work with the Human Rights Campaign on this important initiative.”

NOM Exposed, the result of several months of research and collaboration, reveals the following:
    * At a time of the country's greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression, NOM's financial growth has been explosive.  NOM has amassed huge resources – estimated to reach or exceed $10M in 2010 – from modest beginnings in 2007.
    * NOM is a highly secretive organization that tries to not only hide the identity of its political donors from the voting public in state after state, but operates in a way to discourage people from knowing who its key players and associates are.
    * NOM has deep connections to the Catholic Church hierarchy, to the Mormon Church, to evangelical right-wing pastors and churches and to those who have a long history of anti-gay rhetoric and activity.  These are individuals and organizations which not only oppose same-sex marriage, but oppose domestic partnerships, civil unions, hate crimes protections and even fertility treatments for women because some of those women could be lesbians.
    * Since 2008, NOM and its allies have engaged in a radical, nationwide plan to flout long-established campaign finance disclosure laws.  This is nothing short of a strategic, coordinated plan to hide NOM's political activities from voters.  This effort has prompted several state investigations and resounding legal defeats for NOM.

In addition to the rich archive of information, NOM Exposed features a blog where the latest on NOM’s activities will be tracked.  LGBT leaders will also contribute guest posts to the blog with their own research and experiences with NOM.  Freedom to Marry, which organized the Summer For Marriage tour in response to NOM, has the inaugural guest post up today.

"NOM Exposed gives voters a comprehensive look at an organization that operates largely in secret, yet plays a super-sized role in campaigns from California to Maine," added Solmonese. "By releasing this site and dedicating resources to NOM Project, we will confront this web of secrets and lies wherever NOM seeks to spread its political propaganda."

3M'S 100K

We all know about Target's donation to Minnesota Forward....


3M donated $100,000 dollars to Minnesota Forward.  This money could help Republican Tom Emmer's election for state governor.  This man DOES NOT support marriage equality and believes parents are responsible for teaching about anti-bullying NOT school districts,

3M's PR spin on the donation:   "That donation is about advancing public policy that will foster a more competitive business environment...."

So that makes.......

BOYCOTT LIST (You can type in this blog's search and read why these companies are being boycotted):

Urban Outfitters

Target/ Best Buy

3M products




Filmmaker Matt Baume answers Dan Savage's It Gets Better with this video:




I've been here two years, guys. And one of the things that I just try to remember is that if we have accomplished 70 percent of what we committed to in the campaign, historic legislation, and we've got 30 percent of it undone — well, that's what the next two years is for, or maybe the next six. Understandably, everybody has a great sense of urgency about these issues. But one of the things that I constantly want to counsel my friends is to keep the long view in mind. On social issues, something like 'don't ask, don't tell.' Here, I've got the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff both committed to changing the policy. That's a big deal.

"Now, I am also the commander in chief of an armed forces that is in the midst of one war and wrapping up another one. So I don't think it's too much to ask, to say 'Let's do this in an orderly way' — to ensure, by the way, that gays and lesbians who are serving honorably in our armed forces aren't subject to harassment and bullying and a whole bunch of other stuff once we implement the policy. I use that as an example because on each of these areas, even those where we did not get some grand legislative victory, we have made progress. We have moved in the right direction,"
confides President Obama to Rolling Stone when asked about DADT.


This stupid ignorant bitch...

coulter: " ....everybody in America wants to be black: feminists, the gays, illegal immigrants."

Gays can marry-- someone from the opposite sex.

Dumb cunt:


Soldiers at Calhoun, above

One of our old haunts is haunted today....

A gunman entered the University of Texas campus and "fired three shots in direction of university catholic center and three in the south mall."

Authorities believe there are 2 suspects.

One suspect entered the Perry-CastaƱeda Library and shot himself on the 6th floor.

The second shooter is still at large.

SWAT, UTPD, and APD have all been summoned and taking action.

Scary Mary.


UT: One suspected shooter at the PCL Library is dead. Police still looking for potential second shooter. Do not leave your building.

  1. Rhonda Weldon confirmed first shooter committed suicide on the 6th floor of the PCL, and it is confirmed that there is another shooter.
  2. RT @foxaustin: DPS, APD and other authorities on scene at UT helping with the shooting situation.
  3. Update: APD just sent a SWAT team to the six pack to apprehend a second suspect. (via @ndhapple)
RT @statesman: 'More Guns, Less Crime' author planned to speak at UT today: #UTShooter

Monday, September 27, 2010


Oh no he d'nt....

Some very foolish fan riled BECKS, screaming "prostitutes."

BECKS did the fastest U-turn and confronted the idiot.  BECKS was ready to give a beat down.

Just ignore them, BeeBoo.   And let them hit you first---that way they can't sue you or press charges....



We're not sure what brought this on???

Steven Daigle took to his twitter to discount rumors.  About what?  From which H8ers??


Oh and here is a little something for u gossip queens!!#notthatitmatters #justprovingyou'reacunt

We never heard anybody say a mean thing about you BB!!  All our peeps LOVE you and think you're hot!!

But some gossip queens can be very vicious so here's to Steve for shutting them up!!!



This would be an opportune moment to mention (PSA):

Today is Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.

Take time to schedule an appointment with your physician and find out your HIV status.

If you do not have a doctor, find a gay health clinic in your town or in a major city near you-- the test are usually free or cost next to nothing.

Don't let not knowing be an excuse!!



Fall?  What Fall!!

The temps are soaring in the Southland.

At 1 p.m., Downtown L.A.:  113*

West Hollywood is a sizzling 111*

And ever so cool, except today, Santa Monica:  106*


Gorgeous Enrique Iglesias brought some Miami heat to the stage at last night's NFL game during halftime.

The Miami Dolphins hosted the New York Jets, with adorable quarterback Mark Sanchez.

This is the kind of caliente manz mix we like!!


Mega hottie Jayden Grey attired for Folsom.

This past weekend, we heard the Folsom Street Fair was off the chain-- as usual.

If leather daddies are your thang, this is the event for you.

The groups below will benefit from monies raised at this year's Fair, KUDOS!!:

AIDS Legal Referral Panel
Breast Cancer Emergency Fund
Central City Hospitality House
Dimensions Clinic
Dolores Street Community Services
Healing Waters
Mission Neighborhood Health Center
National AIDS Memorial Grove
New Leaf
Project Inform
Project Open Hand
Queer Cultural Center
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus
Triangle Martial Arts Association
Visual Aid


Billy Joe Armstrong is going to play St. Jimmy for 8 performances of his musical/rock opera  American Idiot.

Look for the musician this Tuesday.

Wish we were there.  Love him!!


Tyler Wilson, 11, had his arm broken by a peer because he is on the cheerleading squad.

Wilson's parents want criminal charges filed, which is exactly what is happening, GOOD!

We recommend little Tyler carry a metal baseball bat with him wherever he goes and the next time somebody tries to do him bodily harm, take that bat and bash their face in.  



He may dance with gross, nasty snatch, especially this season, but we can't take away the fact that Mark Ballas is cute.

Enjoy this view:

Saturday, September 25, 2010


“Playing bad guys is a new thing for me, and I have found that it is true, bad guys have much more fun. They don’t get the girl, and usually end up dead or doing a stretch in prison, but they do have more fun on camera. I like playing them especially because the real me is quite the opposite. It’s always more fun to play something that is a departure from who you really are. It’s more fun filling out the character form a completely creative place, and to allow a glimpse into the dark side of yourself, one that we all have,” confesses actor Sam Page to August Man magazine.

Side note:  The above picture is taken at 6720 Sunset Blvd.  There is a motel, see the sign  in the background, that has all kindz of action at night.  Think hookers with  trannies sometimes thrown in the mix on any given night.  


Gerard Pique, the super-hot, mega-gorgeous footballer is an ad man for Time Force watches.

We remember him from his pictures with Zlatan Ibrahimovic.  The two looked very intimate in a parking lot.


Ryan McPartlin quickly gets into shirtless character for his shoot with DAMAN magazine.

From Chicago, Ryan has modeled for Abercrombie and Fitch.

Hollywood is calling:  His resume includes Living with Fran, CSI:  NY, and Chuck.

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