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Tuesday, March 11, 2014



The Season 1 finale of LOOKING was a roller coaster of emotion!! 


First, the person you are interested in says they need space. Then, a HOT!!! piece of dick offers itself. You take it (because technically you are single due to the fact the person you are seeing told you to back off). Then, the person that told you they needed space resurfaces and says he is ready to give you his heart, if you're ready. 

That is how it plays out in real life, all too often. And, THIS is how it played out on Episode 8 of LOOKING. 

The producers wanted to give you real. And, THIS SHIT JUST GOT REAL!!!

THE LINE OF THE EPISODE: Richie takes off his hat (All the writers at this blog have worked as thespians, we thought genius choice for the actor, Raul Castillo, to show caring and a little more intimacy while giving respect for the situation and setting up the line he was about to deliver): Pato, I am this close to falling in love with you.... 

Patrick was tearing up (as well as the viewing audience). 

This is how Season 1 will leave Pato and Richie, the air....ungrounded....mid-flight....unsure. 

These two played their scenes so deftly and delicately in this episode. We were watery-eyed during most of the thirty minutes. 



Let's talk Russell Tovey's ASS: HOT!!!! 

We were over here licking the screen. Kid you not, hunties. 

We've been waiting all season for that hookup and the producers gave us a visual gift.  That late night office bang was OFF. THE. CHAIN!!! 

Notice, when Kevin drinks that Brit accent is thick like molasses as opposed to  when the lad is sober. Well played Tovey. 

Kevin offers Patrick a drink as soon as he shows up. This makes us think Kevin started drinking around dusk of that day and after that first buzz, he was blowing Patrick's phone up with all his texting and calling. 

Also, notice after the fuck fest, Patrick asks "now what" to Kevin.  Kevin responds, "I don't know, Patrick," then he runs his hand on the back of Patrick's head as he leaves.  This small gesture tells us that Kevin really likes Patrick and this won't be a one-time bang. Kevin could of showed NO postcoital touching, if he was a real prick, BUT HE DIDN'T!!! He really cares for Patrick.

Prediction for Season 2: Stickier and messier for these two-- like their just-fresh,  first-time office shag.

Plus, Agustin mentioned to Paddy suing Kevin for sexual harassment. It was all in jest but this actually might come to play way down the road.  The seed has been planted.  Note: show writers don't waste words especially for a 30-minute show.  A suit may happen but we think for Season 3 or 4.  For Season 2, we think Kevin and Patrick will continue the sex, secretly.  Nothing says drama like a boss's fling with his underling.


KUDOS!! to Frank for FINALLY!!!! reading Agustin.  Somebody had to do it!!  Hunty, T was served!  BAM!!! 

Frank calling Agustin "mediocre."  We would've added, YOU'RE A HUGE CUNT! 

Like most 20-somethings, Agustin has to turn to something to deal with reality and his emotions (or lack thereof) because this generation is not self-reliant and they are very self-entitled and self-absorbed. Downing that first X was a swallow away...... 

Agustin has to be chemically altered for him to be nice to people.  Maybe, he should stay drug-induced for Season 2.  He actually offered that Richie was HOT and wasn't spewing hatefulness to Paddy when talking about him.  Drugs and alcohol seem to allow people to really speak the truth, thus we see Agustin doesn't really hate Richie. Agustin just wants Patrick the way he wants him:  stuck in the past being single; stuck in the past as his college friend. 

Who else was chuckling when Agustin was tripping while riding BART!! That was HIGHlarious. Out of the entire season, this was the ONLY time we actually liked Agustin.


Dom getting jealous that Lynn brought a hot and young-ish date to the pop-up. That lit a match under Dom's ass. Lynn played that hand well.  Dom professed wanting a relationship whilst going in for a kiss. AND!! Lynn kissed back. So THERE is some feeling for Dom from Lynn. 

DORIS!! GO GIRL!! We love her!  She tells Lynn, Dom is "worth it."  That is a friend we all need in our corner!!! 

Whew! What now? We have to wait a whole year for Season 2?!!  All we have to say is we want: 1. One hour episodes 2. A 22-episode season!!!

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