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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Happy Birthday!!! to our tennis icon Bjorn Borg, who turns 56.

Borg is one of the main reasons we have such a passion for tennis.

And trust, we were ALL things tennis. Tennis magazine. Tennis camps. Tennis equipment catalogs (Nevada Bob's). Tennis posters. Tennis bed sheets. Constant tennis lessons. Tennis. Tennis. Tennis.

Day after day during the Opens, we would memorize how Borg played. Then, during those endless summer evenings, we would go to our local tennis courts and try to mimic every one of his signature shots.

Steely. Reserved. On point. Calculated.

His traits are what we use in business to this day.

And, can we talk about the Fila wardrobe?

He introduced us to a little ol' Italian brand that was not only iconic but outrageously expensive. A shirt cost what??? That for a pair of shorts??!!!! (Only available at our hometown Neiman Marcus and Frost Bros.)

Not only were we envious of each piece (especially of his apre-match game trophy jacket) it made us covet for it even more.

You spent your summer lawn mowing money on what?

Sure did!!!! Hmmph.

No regrets!!

And today, we can reach in our closet and wear (we were smart, we bought a size larger[and those Italian sizes are small to begin with]) our rare treasured vintage Fila pieces. Slipping on a shirt and jacket, we are quickly transferred to another decade: The Seventies. Summer time. Borg at Wimbledon.

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