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Monday, May 14, 2012



Nole Cakes hates the new blue clay surface. Our Serbian stud exclaimed emphatically. He worried about all kind of variables with the new surface: like new injuries to his balance.

"I really don't need to meet anybody. There is no discussion in my eyes, it's very simple. No blue clay for me. That's it. The test has failed. This is totally different in the middle of the red clay season. I'm coming here as a defending champion and I have a lot things which are important.

"If I cannot move and I put this pressure all the time on my muscles and the body and having it in my mind the worry of hopefully not getting injured and making some quick moves because the court is so unpredictable, then really, what's the sense in playing here?

"This is what it is for 2012, 2013 if hey still blue and come up for fluorescent balls, whatever they come up with, they can have their own tournament, but I'm not coming for sure."

Nole Cakes criticized ATP chief Adam Helfant, the man responsible for allowing the slippery surface to be installed in Madrid. Nole Cakes insinuated that something nefarious happened behind close doors that resulted in the installation of the new surface:

"It's very simple, he was going away he knew that his contract is not renewed and he made this decision on his own......I will not go into what was going on behind closed doors but something was going on definitely because he didn't care about tennis and what the players think, only himself and his own interests."

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