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Thursday, December 10, 2009



Magazine editors with bored looks at the designer's shows, ohh they are going to show you the fucking door, bitches.

The fashion runway will be a thing of the past.

Fashion houses are tired of the expensive productions for only fashion editors and buyers.

The designers want a bigger audience.  They want us.  The consumers.  

The answer:

The internet

The internet

The internet

Designers are going to be broadcasting their fashion collections online from their showrooms.  So smart.

Alexander McQueen and Louis Vuitton (via Facebook) have already had huge success live-streaming.

Ralph Lauren plans to follow in these footsteps with his Rugby line going live on December 11th.  Next spring, the Lauren (blue label) line will live-stream.  No doubt the brainchild of David Lauren who has helped push his dad's company to the information age.  The Polo website is a world onto itself.  Polo TV, an internet magazine and vintage items like estate jewelry are just some of the treasures on the website.  David is clearly thinking ahead and vaulting the company forward to the 22nd century.

All that front row fighting for the best seat, looking bored as the models saunter down the walk, and texting while the show is happening will be so last year.  Better catch up AnnER-- times are achangin!!  How is VOGUE adapting their editorial needs to this news?  What are you doing to push the mag to the 22nd century?  We have lots of ideas..... call us.

Polo Ralph Lauren, past seasons

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