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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Bill Hemmer was featured in Thursday's New York Times.

The daily discussed Cornhole (get your minds out of the gutter, with Billy there, that is easy to do!!).

The game is simple: Players throw beanbags (purists throw bags filled with corn kernels) at two angled wooden platforms with holes in the middle that face each other at an approximate distance of 27 feet. If the bag lands on the board: 1 point. If the bag goes through the hole: 3. The first individual, or team of two, that reaches 21 points wins.

The game is gaining popularity on the Upper East Coast, from Manhattan to Sag Harbor to the Hamptons.

Hemmer chimes in:

“I heard through friends and family back home that they were playing tailgate toss as the next wave of entertainment before the Cincinnati Bengals games,” he said. He flew back to New York with a cornhole set stowed in the luggage compartment of his Delta flight.


And this is just a random thought......

Billy has a house in Sag Harbor.

Andy Cohen has a house in Sag Harbor.


If we were in Sag Harbor, there would be a lot of knocking on Andy's and Billy's doors late at night claiming: We are lost, may we come in??!!!!

Then, somehow.... working the sitch to where it is a 3-way (sometimes)!! HELLO!!!!!! .... but definitely a sleepover at one these houses on a REGULAR basis!!!!

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