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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Images: 10tv

The scum(s) who did this should be caught.

Gasoline poured up their ass, set on fire and left to die a slow, slow, death AND that still wouldn't be enough justice.

In Morgan County, Ohio, a barn was set on fire with 8 horses inside; the horses died.

Spray painted on the side of the barn: "fags are freaks."

Officials are investigating it as an alleged hate crime. Alleged? Give us a fucking break. You homophobic idiots, it IS a HATE crime!!!!!

Just despicable.

OMG-- now, we are all riled up and ready to tear that/these scum(s) heads off. This town should be in an uproar. Marching and demanding justice to find the killer(s)!!!

From the Zanesville Times:

McCONNELSVILLE — The State Fire Marshal’s Office has ruled a barn fire arson that killed eight horses late Sunday night in Morgan County.

The fire, which started at 11:33 p.m., was reported by the owner of the barn at 874 West Richards Road NW in McConnelsville, said Shane Cartmill, spokesperson for the fire marshal’s office.

The barn was completely destroyed, seven adult horses and one foal were killed.

The fire marshal’s office is also looking into messages that were painted on the barn and barn doors before the fire.

Anyone with information regarding this fire is asked to call the fire marshal’s office at 1-800-589-2728 or the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office at 740-962-4044.

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