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Sunday, February 26, 2012


Looking at the past 4 years of statistics on Oscar night and the day after, we receive about the same amount of traffic. The special coverage does nothing for our readership numbers/hits and the huge headache is never worth it. Trying to get this image, watermarking that one. FUCK IT!

This year, we don't give a shit. TayTay can arrive nude and we ain't posting shit about it.

So we'll do what we always do on Oscar night-- and every other night for that matter----PARTY and not give a fuck. We'll drink, imbibe, pill pop, smoke, snort, suck, fuck and whatever else comes our way at 3 in the morning and not give a rat's ass. It being a special night, the editors will drink 4 cases of Moet--we're writers after all!! We have images to keep up----- instead of just the 3 on any given night!! HA!!

So get your Oscar fix somewhere else. While we get our fix....

We're at the Vanity Fair shindig for starters, hoping to end the night with some PRIME Hollywood cock in any one of our orifices. Ohhhh, there's RyRy and that smokin' junior agent at CAA. Gotz to go......

We can recommend that snatch-demographic site People for starters.

Or. do you want something more FISHY??... like InStyle's website.....

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