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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


After decades of The Joy of Sex on book shelves every where, and gays (me) disgusted with breeder sex images.

A version of our own was FINALLY in print, The Joy of Gay Sex.  Now gays have a reference .

There is NO: "well who's the woman in the relationship?"--IT'S TWO MEN YOU FUCKING RETARDS!

Anyway..As I posted before on this----

A Missoula, Montana library board voted 5-0 this week to keep The Joy Of Gay Sex on the public shelf after "readers," read homophobic straight clit, balked at the "pornographic" material.  What's "pornographic" is that nasty gash that is vomit-inducing to look at!!

Board chairwoman Carole Byrnes acknowledged the book, titled The Joy of Gay Sex, included graphic pictures and descriptions but said she viewed it as an instructional, education manual that shouldn’t be censored.
Helena resident Paul Cohen found the book during a visit to the library in February and requested that it be removed. He described the book as “pornographic” and said the library was negligent in providing a “safe place” for children and adolescents.
The library’s collection review committee recommended keeping the book, and director Judy Hart agreed. She said it was the library’s obligation to provide information to all elements of society.

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