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Thursday, October 30, 2008


I posted earlier in the week on the couple that had a display of John McCain coming out of a chimney with flames and that VP nominee RepubliCUNT hanging from a noose.

The couple has removed the display:

"Sheriff's officials say resident decided to remove them after discussing the situation with West Hollywood Mayor Jeffrey Prang. 'My understanding is that the mayor had a long talk with the man and convinced him to bring it down. The homeowner began to realize what they had done caused a little more of a reaction than they had hoped for,' Sheriff's official Steve Whitmore says. Earlier today, protesters put up a pair of white sheets on sticks in effort to hide the display from the street Tuesday. Whoever put up the sheets could be cited for trespassing or infringing on free speech rights, said Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Oscar Butao. However, nobody at the house has complained so far. The U.S. Secret Service recently looked into the display and said there was no threat. Deputy Special Agent in Charge Wayne Williams called the display unusual but said so far it seems to be harmless."

A spokesbitch for Lee Baca, LA County Sheriff, states:  "The sheriff made this clear: This is a country that has freedom of speech and we protect that right even when we think it's idiotic and stupid and in bad taste and wrong to do."

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