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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Australia has 17 anti-gay/ "family" groups!!!

They've united to form the "Gender Matters" coalition.  After a good ol fashion haterade brainstorming session, the group has demands for the gays around the world.

They want marriage between COCK and CUNT.

Prohibiting gay adoption.

They want to use public funds to "cure" them queers!!

Gender Matters (from the gay hatin site itself) states:

To dispel the current confusion regarding gender issues, and to restore the proper understanding and appreciation of maleness and femaleness, and to protect our children from harm, the following is proposed as a guide to policy makers

That public funding be committed to programmes and support networks which assist individuals to overcome gender disorientation pathology.
That it be affirmed that homosexuals, as individuals, should enjoy the same rights as other individuals, but that homosexual relationships not be granted social or legal recognition, since that would promote greater levels of gender disorientation pathology in the community as a whole, and undermine the unique status of marriage.

The group also wants to give little boys lesson on how to be masculine--grrrrl, you can still kick a mean soccer ball with a  Manola Blahnik mule or throw that football with a nice manicured Chanel Vamp finger.

Lessons to be extended to little girls to be girly too.  You can still be in a pink dress to fix that pick-up or some glitter body lotion while you carry your chainsaw. 

Here is the third reich moment:  all gay people will be terminated!!

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