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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Soon, Amazon is launching an online production studio.

Future auteurs can upload their work and let Amazon's veteran judges have a look at the content.

The top amount a future filmmaker will make is only $600,000 even if the film is made and  it is a blockbuster, bringing in billions to the box office.

We'd rather keep pestering/stalking Dusty Cakes to read our potential blockbuster(yeah, that's why we follow Dusty, to read our script **makes note to WRITE A SCRIPT**)  until he gets a restraining order against us.


The Amazon Studios website lets anyone upload scripts or completed films to be rated, commented on, and even edited by other users. A team of industry veteran judges will also take a look at the content, including Jack Epps Jr., producer of Top Gun, Mark Gill, former head of Miramax; and Michael Taylor, producer of Bottle Rocket.

Amazon has set aside $2.7 million in prize money to dole out to highly rated users next year alone. But in exchange for a shot at a prize, users must give Amazon exclusive rights to their material for 18 months — even if they don't end up winning anything. Apparently, this is because Amazon wants to discourage paid screenwriters and filmmakers from submitting entries.

Amazon can then take these projects to Warner Bros., with which it has a first look deal. If Warner Bros. decides to turn the submission into a feature movie, the user gets $200,000. Then, in the (insanely unlikely) event that the movie goes on to make more than $60 million at the box office, the user gets paid an extra $400,000.

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