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Monday, September 22, 2008


The gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, did I say gorgeous Milo Ventimiglia opens up to Men's Vogue about his USO tour.

I posted on this a couple of months age, click here for a refresher!!

The 31-year -old discussed his experience while traveling Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan from July 6 to 12th.

What inspired you to get involved and take a USO (United Service Organizations) tour? Whether you support war, or don’t support war, there’s no reason not to support a soldier. It’s a very honorable thing that they’re entering into.

How did your girlfriend and family feel about you going? Everybody close to me was a little nervous about me traveling abroad through a war zone, but the one message I got from everyone was to be safe and come home. Everyone was supportive. And everybody was happy when I got home.

to view Milo's photos that he took himself at Men's Vogue....

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