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Monday, April 20, 2009


A summer tour from Green Day is coming to you:

July 3: Seattle, Wash.
July 4: Vancouver, British Columbia
July 6: Edmonton, Alberta
July 7: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
July 9: Winnipeg, Manitoba
July 10: Fargo, ND
July 11: Minneapolis, Minn.
July 13: Chicago, Ill.
July 14: Detroit, Mich.
July 16: Hamilton, Ont.
July 17: Ottawa, Ont.
July 18: Montreal, Quebec
July 20: Boston, Mass.
July 21: Philadelphia, Penn.
July 22: Pittsburgh, Penn.
July 24: Hartford, Conn.
July 25: Albany, NY
July 27: New York, NY
July 29: Washington, DC
July 31: Nashville, Tenn.
Aug. 1: Atlanta, GA
Aug. 3: Tampa, Fla.
Aug. 4: Miami, Fla.
Aug. 5: Orlando, Fla.
Aug. 7: New Orleans, LA
Aug. 8: Houston, TX
Aug. 9: San Antonio, TX
Aug. 11: St. Louis, MO
Aug. 12: Kansas City, MO
Aug. 13: Omaha, Neb.
Aug. 15: Denver, Colo.
Aug. 16: Salt Lake City, Utah
Aug. 18: San Jose, Calif.
Aug. 20: San Diego, Calif.
Aug. 21: Las Vegas, Nev.
Aug. 22: Phoenix, Ariz.
Aug. 24: Sacramento, Calif.
Aug. 25: Los Angeles, Calif.

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