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Monday, April 27, 2009

NEWS DAY: APRIL 27, 2009

Today, we are lumping  everything:

OKIE POKEY:  If you live in Oklahoma beware!!!  OCPD surfaced on the internet to inform that undercover cops are going to areas of suspected homosexual activity, exercising stings, arrest men, and post their mugshots in a gallery for the www.  to view!!

OUTRAGEOUS:  Outrage, the docu film on anti-gay hypocrisy in Washington DC caused former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey to "storm out" of the movie premiere on Friday night.

OMNISEXUAL:  Alleged Craigslist killer Phillip Markoff solicited sex from menses and trannies,  in addition to the well documented cunt masseuses he allegedly killed and assaulted.

#911 WE HAVE ANOTHER 9/11:   A 747 flies really low among the island of Manhattan and IT WAS ALL A CITY-APPROVED PHOTO-OP!!  Duh,  could  the FAA and NYPD given the NYC public a heads up!!

YALE SCHMALE:  Playwright Larry Kramer rips a new asshole to Yale University during an award reception at the college.

MALE MUFF:  GUESS? the new model?....(Edilson Nascimento)

FOUNDING FEMALE:  Alice Foley, a founder of Provincetwon AIDS Support Group and early care provider, passes away.

GAVINTINI:  A Gavin Newsome cocktail is formulated by a Sacramento gay establishment.

PLAY BY  THE NUMBERS:  CA Governor candidate, Gavin Newsom wants the US Census to count same-sex couples who say they are married.

BUDGET CUNT, we meant, CUTS:  GOPer swine Susan Collins (R-ME) strips flu preparedness from the stimulus package as unnecessary.

GUESS THE COCK?:  Could it be a Jackson?     first name C...H..E..Y..

THE ORIGINAL DIVA (CUNT):  A  HOrangutan was the original cunt zahlink...oops our bad we meant HUNGARIAN!!

Zahlinks,  remember what Sarah Silverman said about the word:  DIVAS.....

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